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Beautiful Things

October 16, 2013

I can’t sleep, so I figure I’ll come up with a list of things that are beautiful about my life.

My boyfriend listens to me and gives me pep talks every day when I’m upset.

My dog is soft and orange.

I have fun with all of my students some of the time and some of my students all of the time.

I am doing the best that I can.

I am doing the best that I can.

I get to hang out with my boyfriend every evening and every weekend.

I have dozens and dozens of people I can call on the phone for support at any time.

I have some fun new friends that I’ve made here in Houston.

I have a very good reputation at all of my past jobs.

I have made at least one close friend already at my new job.

I have found several allies already at my new job.

I have a large number of current/ex-teacher friends I can call on the phone for support at any time.

One of my writing assignments this year caused a father and son to effectively express their love and respect for each other. The father now carries the assignment around in his pocket.

I have a carton of chocolate almond butter in my refrigerator.

I like Houston.

I get to see my family soon for Thanksgiving.

Halloween is coming soon, and my neighborhood gets hundreds of trick-or-treaters. My boyfriend is thrilled about buying enough candy this year and wants to make a special shopping trip where we can pick it out together. (Last year, we were caught unawares and ran out of candy and had to start giving away Cliff Bars.)

I think my boyfriend is going to propose soon. It’s taking everything in my power not to ask him when he’s going to do it. Knowing him, he is probably wanting to plan something completely huge, but is so overwhelmed by how huge he wants it to be that all of his plans will come crashing down around him. Which means it may not actually happen for a while after all, since he is probably waiting for the stars to align. I never thought I would be so impatient about this! Must keep quiet!

I love him so much. He is so perfect. And so annoying. And so absolutely perfect.

I have a bearded dragon. My boyfriend adores him, but feels that the bearded dragon does not feel the same way about him. He is probably right.

I have two turtles. The smaller one which we thought was anorexic is finally eating and growing noticeably bigger.

I am, of my own free will, not running competitively for the first time since the 8th grade. I am not worried about it at all. Maybe someday I’ll get back into it, but that day is not today.

I am not worrying about my body for the first time since the 4th grade.

I am getting sleepy. My eyes are getting heavy.

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