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Tralala, the Months of June, July, and August

July 25, 2013

I am in no way asking for your pity. In fact, if I ever ask for pity about the following issue in my life, I will completely understand if you want to drag me to the nearest toilet and give me a swirly.

But here is my issue. I’m a teacher. It’s summer vacation. And the new school year is rapidly approaching, meaning that I am becoming particularly concerned about spending my last few weeks of summer in the most (read: least) productive way possible. SO. As my summer draws to its close, I wanted to look back over the past two months and make a record of some of the things that I did. You know. In case anyone tries to accuse me of idleness.

Things I did on my summer vacation:

1.) I took Spanish classes at the local community college. It was a stressful 2-3 hour commitment every single weekday. In fact, I had to wake up by 9:00 a.m. at the latest to get to class on time.

2.) I read 10 different novels written at the 5th or 6th grade reading level, all of which had happy endings.

3.) I took my dog for lots of walks. And I tell ya, the summer heat sure did take it out of us!

4.) I learned how to bake an acorn squash. (I did that only once.)

5.) I found a pair of jeans that fit.

6.) I watched the news and then posted inappropriately political statements on my Facebook page. (Not necessarily proud of this.)

7.) I watched old episodes of The Highlander with my boyfriend almost every night.

8.) I bathed my pet bearded dragon (Steve) in warm water every other day to help him stay regular.

9.) I practiced singing Broadway tunes in my car several times a week.

So, yes. All in all, a very productive summer. And when I start to get sad that it’s coming to a close, all I have to do is remember that most people won’t get to do this close to nothing until they retire. And then I feel immediately better. Ah, Schadenfreude.

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