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Workout Video Promises to “Shred” My Body. Sounds Like a Freddy Kruger Movie.

February 25, 2013

I wrote this in a review on, and I wanted to post it here as well.  I’ve been injured for a while, so instead of running, I’ve been trying out some exercise videos.  Jillian Michaels is a trainer on the TV show “The Biggest Loser.” I ordered her video, “30 Day Shred” because it got good reviews on Amazon.  I should have not ordered it.  Here’s the review:


Any CONSISTENT exercise, especially for someone who does not already exercise
much, will make you lose weight. For this reason, doing this video for 30 days
straight would certainly make people lose weight and get stronger. However, for
a person to stay fit for good, a person needs to exercise not just for 30 days,
but for a lifetime, and this video would not encourage me to do

Every step of the way, Michaels urges viewers to do her workout so
that they can “change” their bodies. She continually points to her two
assistants, women who are very muscular and who have very little body fat, and
says things like: “Look at her abs. You want abs like that? Do this exercise.”
Or: “See that crease above her butt? Hot, right? If you want that, do this

But these are lies, and they’re harmful lies. Will your body
“change” from doing this workout video for 30 days? Sure, sort of. You’ll lose
some weight. You’ll gain some muscle. But it will still be YOUR body. You and I
will never have that woman’s abs or that other woman’s butt crease, regardless
of how much exercise or dieting we do. Can we have stronger abs/butts than we
currently do, with less fat on them? Sure. But they will still be our abs and
our butts.

In level 3 of this video, Michaels says, “If you’ve been doing
this for 30 days, you should already be feeling that six-pack.” Let me tell you
something. I was a Division I college athlete for four years. I ran 50 miles a
week. I did 9 minutes of abs with no rest every single day. And ladies and
gentlemen, I never had a six-pack. Never. Not once. And that “pouch” at the
bottom of your stomach that Michaels assures you her workout will help you get
rid of? Even at my fittest, I always had it. Why? Because that’s how my body was
designed. And I’m OK with that. I liked my body then, and I still like it now. And I don’t think I’m any more or less beautiful than the small percentage of people who do manage to attain the ever-elusive six-pack.

If you’re looking for a way to get in shape and stay motivated
to work out past 30 days, find something that’s fun to do and that makes you
feel good about yourself. Michaels’s view of exercise is that pain is gain and
that the harder you work, the more attractive you’ll get. That’s not true, and
though effective sometimes in the short term (let’s say, for 30 days), it’s not
sustainable in the long run. Exercise should be fun. Sure, it can also be
challenging, but if it’s not also fun and if it doesn’t make you happy, I
promise you you won’t be doing it much longer than 30 days.

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