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In Brief

December 14, 2012

We’re all sitting here and trying to make sense of what just happened.  Was it lack of gun control?  Maybe.  Was it lack of funding for mental health initiatives?  Maybe.  Was it poor security or preparedness at the school?  Maybe.

Was the police force underfunded?  Possibly.

Was it lack of a community support system?  It’s conceivable.

Was it modern-day alienation?  Maybe so.

Was it the lack of moral and spiritual values in contemporary society?  Maybe.

Was it the fact that almost every aspect of our popular culture is saturated with violence?  Possibly.

The truth is, it was probably all of these things and more.  So when we try to come up with a solution, let’s take into account the complexity of this problem.  A complex problem demands a complex solution.  So as we all try to pick up the pieces and figure out how this will never happen again, let’s not bother arguing with each other about whose solution is the correct one.  We need all the solutions we can get.

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