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Me and the Dog

October 16, 2012

Just me

(half-discarded shoes hanging lightly from my toes)

and the dog

(curled into a C-shaped curve on the floor,

her eyes half-closed,

her warm, orange tail twitching slightly).

We sit together on the yellow-gold hardwood floor,

breathing in the untroubled air

that floats around this house

where we are both in love.

She lies close to me,

close enough so that she rolls over and stretches in her sleep

every time I glance back at her.

She smells like honey.

The house is quiet

except for the gurgle of the fishtank

and the occasional sigh from the half-sleeping dog.

You will be home soon,

and we

(me and the dog)

sit together in the warm lamplight,

waiting patiently for the sound

of your car in the driveway.


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  1. Very relaxing read.

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