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A Hot Date with My Man

April 22, 2012

One of my favorite things about a night on the town with my man (besides the pleasure of his company, of course) is that it sometimes leads to free stuff.  Let me explain.

My boyfriend is a total studmuffin.  He is the toughest, most stubborn, most independent SOB I have ever met, AND he has very big arm muscles.  (Of course I would love him without the arm muscles, but I just want to paint a complete picture here.)

He also happens to need a wheelchair to get around because of a spinal cord injury he sustained very early in life, and this is where things can get interesting on date nights.

Earlier in our relationship, I wanted to take him to one of my favorite Central American restaurants, and so we headed in that direction.  Of course accessibility is not something that I have ever had to think about much in my life before dating him, so, needless to say, I was unprepared for the two gigantic steps that led up to the entrance of the restaurant when we got there.

But, my boyfriend, being the independent SOB that he is, decided that he still wanted to tackle the steps, informing me that he had a “50/50” shot of actually clearing them.  So I stood back, holding the door and trying not to laugh as he heroically hoisted himself up onto the first step.

At this point, the owner of the restaurant (a lovely man!) and one of the waiters began fluttering around the door like agitated pigeons, realizing what was happening just outside the entrance.  Unsure of whether to offer help or to let him be, they were trapped in an agony of indecision.

And it was at this moment that my boyfriend’s wheelchair decided to upend, landing him and it in a tangled heap at the bottom of the stairs.  The owner and the waiter took off at this point, flapping around my boyfriend, checking his pulse, asking him if he was OK.  Still holding the door, I laughed hysterically into my shirtsleeve.

My boyfriend dusted off his jacket, thanked them, hopped back into his chair, and began trying to soothe the two frantic men.  He then gave them calm, simple instructions on how to help him up the stairs.

Needless to say, the service was impeccable that night!  In addition to my usual choice of entree, I was treated to a FREE agua fresca AND a free dessert.  And every time I go back to that place (and it IS one of my favorites), I always get treated like a star.

My boyfriend says that being in a wheelchair is an opportunity.  When you come into a room, everyone automatically notices you.  You can let this make you feel uncomfortable, OR you can use it as a platform to do great things.  Personally, I like the way my boyfriend uses his platform because, quite honestly, I would never ordinarily pay the extra money for an agua fresca.  But they do taste SO good when they’re free.


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  1. Jane Tallant permalink

    Your boyfriend has got a GREAT platform.

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